The Primavera File – A Theory of Conveniences

San Lourenco city one of the most famous hydromineral resorts in the world, boasts one of the best mineral waters , confronts a serious crisis of money evasion , with the continuous reduction of tourists after the second half of the last decade. 

The são lourenço Group, (Empresa de Aguas são lourenço) owned by Perrier group, considered one of the most famous water bottlers in the world, presents in the same period , an extraordinary expansion, thanks to the improvement of its industrial park, having increased 400% its production in the last ten years , says Nestle director of Perrier in Brazil.  This contrast is not accidental , but the natural consequence of ambitious politics by the concessionary, to increase its profits  extracting huge volumes of water, since Nestlé took over Perrier’s control. 

Caixa de texto:  The group vows that there is no way to prove that the extracted volume is responsible for the reduced flow and diminished mineral substances of its curative and healing fountains, they deny the obvious, affirming that nothing is wrong with the fountains. How to believe this , where it’s easy to see and rely these alterations, by just local observation and by the taste of the waters? But, really, it’s not easy to prove causes or faults, when government inspection institutions don’t help with the public interest, making it difficult and compromising the search for the truth. 

How to accept inspection actions that oppose the Law to attend Nestlé’s unique interest, creating a serious loss to the city? Well, that’s what happened , when in search for natural plain water, to produce “Pure Life purified water, the company is faced in its property with only precious mineral water. This was the conclusion of the Company Ambiterra , hired by nestlé to search for natural and common water. But, what to do with this huge aquifer of mineral water that spurted generously from the Primavera well? To bottle it wasn’t the case , since the company’s major interest, is not  mineral water, but food, said the director for Nestlé Eric Aloo. 

Then suddenly happens a succession of convenient facts to the Group. The Primavera well possessed a high concentration of iron, that turned out to be impracticable for industrialization. The DNPM (Deparment for Mineral Production) conveniently , finds a clever solution for the matter. Considering that the water besides being mineral, wasn’t suited for bottling, this institution proposes its demineralization, contrary to the law that forbids this procedure. And for that pops up two very convenient Resolutions, dated from 16 th of july 1999, numbered 309 and 310, of Public Safety, Institution that belongs to the Public Health Organization, which had one sole beneficiary till today, that is Nestlé allowing the demineralization of Primavera’s waters . `The law was very old fashioned and didn’t predict technological advances” , declared the representative of DNPM to the public audience that took place in Sao Lourenço. 

Caixa de texto:  There was no chance , in any moment that this institution , could propose to use this high technology to just reduce the levels of iron, considered too high for consumption. They could have authorized the company to reduce the excess of iron , and turn this water in one of the best by far of all mineral waters existent inside the Park of the Waters, due to its rich composition.. but to whom would interest this excelent water but to são lourenço city?

It’s important that we never forget that Nestlé is just interested in plain natural water to produce Pure Life water. The director himself stated it clearly in the last audience on may 7th in São lourenço. 

Caixa de texto:  How to explain that an Institute that is supposed to inspect mineral waters , protecting from extinction, adopts a position of insensitivity , to the fact of the discovery of a well with a high quality mineral water, with an exceptional flow, and recommends its demineralization, transforming it in common water similar to tap water? It’s at least a big mistake....  

A very expensive mistake to our city , because the water that was supposed to be mineral, and that is transformed in common water pays no tax to the city, and goes instead to federal tax purposes. Besides affecting the tourism in the city, for not granting a high quality mineral water , that could be offered to its visitors ,straight from the fountain, as mineral healing waters. Who besides the company is the direct beneficiary with these convenient rules? 

These resolutions that break laws must be revoked fast before it´s too late. Their consequences have been disastrous to sao lourenco´s tourism, because even though the company denies the relationship between the volume that is being pumped from our grounds and the reducing flow from the healing fountains, a geological study from brazilian company CPRM, states that these fountains are going dry , due to over exploitation in the south of minas gerais state. and while this talking goes on who is right , these fountains are drying, the magnesian water is long gone, being one of the tastier waters ever, and the others are losing their healing potential and taste, fading away the traditional quality of sao lourenco mineral water, scaring away more and more tourists. 

In one hand the fountains are drying, in the other , nestlé tears down trees that belong in protected area for the recharge of waters , builds a huge concrete wall that scandalizes tourists , destroys our major historic heritage , the Oriente fountain, enlarges the building of the factory , and exposes the city to all sorts of risks. it´s always good to remember that this place is a sanctuary with seven fountains with different composition . 

All this takes place under indulgent eyes from municipal authorities and with compliments by FEAM , a state agency , that is supposed to inspect hazardous envirnmental impacts, but instead acts in consonance with all these horrors, limiting itself to mere inspections and ignoring the law. Tourists leave the park disgusted with the terrible scene. Hotels are constantly receiving complaints that the fountains are closed during high season. 

Caixa de texto:  Aloof to all this , the municipal public authorities publishes an insder informative survey during last carnival , to prove “ the visitor´s satisfaction “ trying to encover doubtful numbers. The truth everybody knows.......... The proof lies in 3000 signatures of people who supports our cause the citizen Movement book, pleading for help , in the defense of our waters. 

The public prosecution service has established a court action against Nestlé . The state Secretary for environment promised to protect the future of our waters. The House of Representatives created a commission to investigate facts together with the Executive .  

The Legislative Congress promotes public court sessions ,and summons the director of the Company to give an explanation, condemning the comproved and investigated irregularities under the inspectors absent eyes. Nothing is done of practical to interrupt Nestlé´s predatory action, who pubicly admits its guilt and promises to correct its procedures, but unfortunately there are no corrections for the destruction is already long done.